Long Term Or Short Term? Things To Know About Villa Rentals

Bali villa rentals

Even with very clear information and ideas, many tourists and customers mix up the idea of long- and short-term rental. It happens quite often in Bali villa rentals, which can ruin your planning. So, before you go ahead with the contract, please be sure you got these differentiations of the long- and short-term contract. Jot it down!

The Price Different

The main difference should be the expense. The short-term rental is likely to have a lower price since it is only available for the short term. It is also possible that the price tends to rise during a certain season and increase based on the services. If you are going for a short holiday, the short term is probably the best option.

The long-term rental contract can take yearly fees. It means that the total price will be higher compared to the short-term rentals. However, the overall price tends to be lower than the short-term one. The long-term Bali villa rentals also have less chance of inflation. Thus, the long term should be the best when you need to move or stay for long.

Duration Dissimilarity

As the name says, the primary difference is the duration of stay. In this case, the regulation will depend on the company or the villa management. But, the short-term rental tends to last for one night to a few weeks for most. In some cases, there is also a possible monthly rental. But, the long terms can take half a year to a yearly contract.

Management And Contract

Based on the villa or management, the service can differ from the two options. Most likely the short-term rental will depend on the villa management and services. It means the customer will use the villa management. It is similar to the long term, but there is a chance that the tenant will take charge of certain maintenance or needs, including cooking to cleaning. 

The Location And Seasonal Offer

Some Bali villa rentals do have designated offers for short or long-term rental based on the location. It means that some highly populated areas tend to only have the seasonal short-term offer. The seasonal effect can also affect the rentals terms availability, contract, and pricing. But, the less populated area tends to be stable in its offers. 

Remember that the long- and short-term contract is like a polar opposite option. The two options have their pro and cons, but you will need to see the basic difference between the ideas. The biggest difference should be the duration, price tag, contract, and possibly the location. When you know the difference, it will be easier to pick one fitted with your need.


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